Landscape Mistakes You Should Avoid

Look around you and you will see some houses with well-kept and attractive yards and some other houses where the homeowners have made some sort of errors. But here is the thing about landscaping mistakes: they can actually be avoided or at least fixed. The following are some of the common landscaping mistakes which homeowners need to avoid: 

1. Forgetting the Local Wildlife or Environment 

You have invested a lot of money, time and effort into planting trees, vegetables and flowers in your property however, as far as the populations of the deer and rabbit are concerned you have only invited them over for a meal. However, you can definitely avoid this to turn into a feast for these animals by planting bitter-tasting flowers such as rosemary, heather, mint or foxglove. Once the deer or rabbit get a taste of those plants, they will be less likely to come back. In addition to that, you can also put up some mesh wire or build a property fence around your garden or yard in order to keep the wild rabbits and some other small animals away. You also need to take necessary actions if there are diseased or dead trees in your property as it can cause hazard. You can even contact a professional Tree Removal Service in Pembroke Pines with regards to this matter. 

2. Not Having a Plan 

Far too many homeowners are shortsighted when selecting plants for their garden. As a matter of fact, they choose plants without even thinking of how they will grow and what type of maintenance they will need. Therefore, prior to planting, you should have a plan on doing so. Research your options, consult to a professional and reputable landscaping service provider or read plant tags about the things you wish to plant. 

3. Forgetting About Winter and Fall  

When it comes to landscaping and planting, it is very simple to spend your time that is focused on the warmer summer months. But do not ever forget about the fall, and also, the rich colors which are associated or about how much you will miss splashes of colors in the winter. Your planting agenda must include some things which will stay bright long the end of the summer season. For instance, deciduous holly or winterberry will show bright red berries during the end of winter, while pansies, sumac as well as mums offer some delightful and attractive colors for fall. 

4. Valuing aesthetic appeal over function 

You actually want a good-looking yard. However, it is very essential not to lose its usefulness. You may look for methods to blend aesthetics with functionality. For instance, planting evergreen trees gives life all year long while giving another layer of privacy as well. Aside from that, installing a rock garden may even look prettier however, it might not be your best option, especially with kids rooming around. At the end of the day, functionality must win over aesthetics in landscaping but it is also possible to have both.   

5. Ignoring Outdoor Lighting 

A lot of people think of their landscape in terms of how it’ll appear during the day. Installing some outdoor lighting can actually help you emphasize your garden and lawn, as well as add another level of protection to your family and home.