Roofing plays a very important role in a commercial or residential property. As a matter of fact, selecting the best materials for roofing is also an essential decision to make. It is very important to select the one which is suitable for you as well as your home where different kinds of roof may have different functionalities. the pitch and the shape are vital factors which must be taken in consideration when dealing with your roof. With that being said, these properties add in preventing further damage to your residential property which may also be caused by extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, the composition of the materials being used in your roofing system can affect the appearance of your residential property considering whether your roof goes with the whole structure and style of house together with its colors and patterns. Some of these roofing materials may include the following: 

1. Metal 

Metal roof may come in a variety of textures, thicknesses and shapes and even in various colors mostly owing to its coating. Having said that, roofing system made of metal are actually said to be durable with a duration between the range of fifty to a hundred years. Metal roof may also make a significant amount of noise in times of hail and rain. This can be avoided, however, with decking that is solid as well as a great sound insulation.  

Basically, these kinds of roof are very costly to purchase and in terms of installation and repair when compared to asphalt shingles. The most expensive roof is believed to be copper, while the most inexpensive, on the other hand is the painted steel. Aside from that, metal roof makes the best looks when it comes to bungalows, cabins, houses which are designed like cottages and the ones that belong to the contemporary classification. 

2. Asphalt 

Asphalt roofing is considered one of the common roof materials. Asphalt is very affordable, easy and economical to install. Asphalt shingles have types which include fiberglass and organic shingles. With asphalt roof, you can select from a variety of colors, styles and even sizes. For instance, weathered wood, barkwood, charcoal and slate. Another factor you need to consider with asphalt roof is, they can help save on power bills because a lot of them do meet professional standards. One disadvantage to having an asphalt roof is that it doesn’t cope well in places where there’s an abrupt change in temperature or climate. Asphalt shingles may crack or get damaged in a temperate climate. Their opportunities of acquiring damaged in calm climate may be because they’re made of a poor-quality material. 

3. Wood 

Wood as a roofing material can be costly and need the contractor’s services with enough years of experience to be installed. Also, it needs to be treated in order to resist fire. A roofing made of wood is natural often made of southern pine, cedar, and redwood, comprises of a rustic appearance and has a durable property as well. Contact a professional Pembroke Pines Roof Installation for more information.